occupy your space public speaking with nathalie brewer


public speaking coaching, sales training & life events  with Nathalie Brewer  

What does it mean for an introvert to shine?
Why is it so annoying when an extrovert goes too far?
Why does it feel so dam good in the room when a
professional speaker gets it right?

Occupy Your Space gives a unique and refreshing perspective on the importance of un-building false perceptions of confidence. As we learn to take the focus off ourselves and connect with the people and spaces around us, we instantly gain access to a connected, spontaneous and effortless relationship with public speaking.


Through her extensive work with children, Nathalie Brewer shares valuable insights on what it truly means to shine your light, embrace imperfectionism and occupy your space in a room full of strangers.


Nathalie is a public speaking coach who invigorates the approach of even the most seasoned speakers. She helps shy people connect more effortlessly within groups and assists entrepreneurs to meet a new wave of consumers who respond most powerfully to the real you.


"Occupying your Space is about expanding your presence, harnessing strength and sharing your voice from a place of solid connection"      - Nathalie Brewer

Traditional public speaking & sales training typically involves the use of 'persuasion & technique'. However, the best speakers in the world do not rely on technique. They are multi-tasking their natural ability to connect. This involves accessing  your connection with yourself, your message and your audience simultaneously.